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Photography and Videography Services

We offer a very wide variety of photographic and videography services to all of our corporate clients. If you are hosting a corporate event or have any photography or video needs for your business, LVCP is your solution. No matter what size convention, seminar, or corporate event you are having, our team of photographers can accommodate all of your photography needs. All of our photographers are personally trained and screened by us to provide the quality of photography we demand for ourselves. Below are some of the many services we provide for our wide variety of outstanding clients:

Convention & Exposition Photography & Video

We currently provide entire photographic and video services for numerous major conventions, expos, and trade-shows. We can provide full-service photography or videography for your entire event including photos for your daily news, email newsletters, marketing photos for banners, websites, testimonial videos, video sizzle or highlight reels of your event, promotional campaigns and even press photos to represent your event in the media. We have a team of up to TEN photographers and five videographers we can provide for your convention to insure proper coverage is provided at all of your different events and activities. This way, when you have a keynote speech taking place in one room, we can be shooting the trade-show floor, training sessions, and back-stage photos at the same time. Nobody in Las Vegas is able to provide the high-level of personally trained, professional photographers and videographers the way we do.

Seminars, Meetings, and Corporate Training Events

One of our two founders, Adam Sternberg, began his professional photography career as a seminar photographer shooting events around the United States back in the mid 90's. Today, we have photographed hundreds of seminars around the world from small educational programs up to large
mega-events with over 5,000 attendees. Whether you desire to have photos shot of your keynote speakers or coverage of your entire event, we can provide the excellent coverage you need. Typical shoots for such events have included corporate retreats, team-building activities, interactive activities for attendees, sales presentations, and more.

Awards Ceremonies

Many of our corporate events have some form of awards ceremony incorporated into it. What many companies fail to realize is just how important it is to get high quality photographs of such an event. These photos will best represent your organization as an incentive for your staff to achieve the level of success you hope for them. A great photo of your award winners is just as important as the award itself and at your awards ceremony, we can get high quality photos of your trophies or awards in addition to capturing the moment for your winners as well. We can provide a wide range of services for award ceremonies including custom-designed step-and-repeats, professional studio lighting, and more.

Company Parties

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World and is the host to thousands of corporate parties every year. We have shot large and small company parties at places ranging from law offices to public parks, rented nightclubs to hotel banquet halls and everything in between. There are a huge variety of services we can provide to make your private event extra special and add a huge perceived value to your attendees. Services include grand entrances/red carpet shoots, green screen photography, on site printing where your guests receive their photos as we shoot, photo booths, custom branded online photo galleries with your company logo where your guests can download their photos and share them on social media sites, live presentations of the photos as we shoot them, and much MUCH more. We can even custom design and print a specialty step-and-repeat backdrop as well.  Whether you are having a celebration party for your company, a Christmas or Holiday party, or any other type of corporate event, we will be the photographers we know you will call year after year to photograph it.

Videography and Video Production

Banquets & Cocktail Receptions

Next to gambling, Las Vegas is famous for our huge variety of dining options. Each of the major resorts in Las Vegas specializes in banquets and the meals can be nothing short of spectacular. While a banquet is typically not the main event of a corporate event, it is nonetheless an important activity that many attendees enjoy and appreciate. It is the one activity where you will typically see most of your attendees taking "selfies" and pictures of the incredible food. Of any corporate event, the banquet or cocktail reception is the single biggest expense, so it is important to get the best, high-quality photos that you can. We not only specialize in photographing the fun of the event itself, but also in providing high-quality food photographs as well. Nothing conjures up a great memory like images of great food and drinks and that is what we provide for you when we shoot your banquet or cocktail reception.

Trade Show Booth Photography

If you are an exhibitor at a Las Vegas trade show or convention, you know that your booth is the source where business is conducted and sales are made. There is an art to getting excellent booth photos and we take pride in providing this service to a wide variety of clients. We provide empty booth photos and booth activity shoots for Fortune 500 companies with million-dollar booths and small businesses as well. We can arrive early to any convention to take architecture-style photos of your booth as well as shoot interaction of attendees with your staff for presentation purposes as well. We can even provide mascots to your trade show booth for photos with attendees...a huge hit every time we shoot them, and we can then provide the photos in an online gallery to your attendees with your company branding and watermarked logo on the photos. One of our clients even hires us to photograph the booths of competitors so they can design a better booth at the next years show! There are many options available on how we can provide excellent photos of your booth which we will be happy to discuss with you during a free consultation.

Photo Booths, Step-And-Repeats, and Red Carpet Shoots

Imagine having the entrance to your corporate event start by having your guests walk through a red carpet entrance to get their photos taken. The perceived value to your attendees is tremendous! We provide the lights and the quality photos that will blow your guests away! Our photo booths are always a huge hit with guests where we setup a small studio area complete with fun props and wardrobe items for your guests to wear for their photos. Do you need a custom step-and-repeat made as a backdrop for your event shoot, we design and print them at very affordable prices for all of our photography clients and the most exciting activity for corporate events is now being screen photography! Imagine your attendees posing in front of the Las Vegas Strip, the Welcome To Las Vegas sign, or even your company logo? We can make that happen and we an also provide high quality 4X6 or 5x7 prints on site...the perfect souvenir for all your attendees and something they will cherish for years to come. Many options are available so contact us for more details!

Corporate Headshots

We have provided headshots for world famous entertainers, major corporate executives, best selling authors, public speakers, doctors, attorneys, sales people, world class models, and many more. If you are in need of exceptional headshots we can provide those for you at our studio or we can even setup an entire studio at your office or conference. We have done on-location headshots for medical conferences, public speaking seminars, industry expos, and more. If you don't have the time or ability to come to us, we can come to you with a full portable studio, whichever you prefer. We also provide high-quality retouching on all images and can provide a makeup artist and hair stylist if needed.

Incentive Photography

While not frequently requested, we have provided incentive photography services for several different companies. If you are looking for an energetic and highly talented photographer to travel with your organization to chronicle the activities of your business or event, we certainly are able to provide this unique service. Contact us for more information on how we can work with you and your travels to provide a journalistic approach to capturing your event abroad.

There is more.

We are not limited to corporate photography in the Las Vegas area. We frequently travel to provide our services to conventions and trade shows in cities around the globe so if you want the best corporate photographers available, WE ARE MOBILE!


If you have any other corporate needs not addressed specifically on our website, please contact us to see how we can best serve your photographic needs. We also specialize in creative compositing, special effect photography, product photograpy, and more

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